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Sanfilippo Syndrome Type C is a degenerative disease that causes the death of children who suffer from it. They all need your help to find a cure for their disease. Turn your superpowers into money that will save their lives.

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Sanfilippo Syndrome

  • What is Sanfilippo Syndrome Type C?

    Sanfilippo Syndrome Type C is a degenerative disease caused by an enzyme deficiency which affects the nervous system and is fatal for the boys and girls who suffer from it. Symptoms of the disease usually appear between the ages of two and four and cause death around the time the child reaches adolescence.

  • What are its effects?

    Sanfilipoo Syndrome Type C is an incurable disease, with no cure or palliative treatments, that starts to show when the child is small. During their early years, the disease sets backs their overall development, affecting their ability to speak, learn and even sleep, causing epilepsy and convulsions. Over time the condition worsens, leading to behavioural problems, hyperactivity, aggressive behaviour and self-inflicted injuries. In the final stages, the child loses the ability to speak, walk, eat and so on until the disease claims their life in their teenage years.

We have already lost too many children due to the lack of research. Help us to find a cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome Type C. Help us to save lives.

  • Pol
  • Andrés
  • Areb
  • Clara
  • Ero
  • Frankie
  • Hugo
  • Iker
  • Irune
  • Javi
  • Jesse
  • Joana
  • Jona
  • Levi

Every day, all these children suffer the effects of a disease that will cause their premature death. With your help will be able to save their lives.

Famous people with superpowers

  • Albert Luque
    Alex Corretja
    Bea Segura
    Carlos Iglesias
    Francine Gálvez
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  • Enric Masip
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  • Ramón Cierco
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  • Pedro Rodríguez
    Jose Manuel Pinto
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  • Alicia Pérez
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  • Juanjo Pardo
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    Kostas Papanikolaou
  • Marcelo Huertas
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    Roberto Gil
  • Jorge Javier Vázquez

Many media personalities have already joined in this initiative and helped us to spread the campaign so we can raise a lot of money. You can take part too with your superpower.

You can take part too with your superpower.

Turn your superpower into money to beat this degenerative disease:

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Turn your superpower into money to beat this degenerative disease.

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